A 7-week program for solo
Real Estate Agents ready to build

high-performing teams
Hire, Train & Lead Talent


A 7-week program for solo
Real Estate Agents ready to build

high-performing teams
Hire, Train & Lead Talent

You've done it!

You’ve done the hard work and spent years building your real estate business – and it’s worked! You have money in the bank and a steady flow of clients.

Now it’s time to grow, because you can’t do it all on your own. In order to achieve an even higher level of success while still having a life, you need a team.

You’ve invested in administrative support, which has helped, but it’s not enough. Now you’re ready to start hiring, training and leading a team of high performing agents and more support staff.

But you know that finding, training and keeping the right people will be a challenge.

Without a high-performing real estate team you’ll continue:

Teamality will give you all of the tools and knowledge you need to create a high-performing, high-producing real estate team by showing you how to:

In 2013 I was struggling.

I had so much business that things were starting to fall through the cracks. I was working 12 hour days for weeks on end, not seeing my family and friends and was so exhausted that the work that I had enjoyed so much in the past started seeming like a chore.

That’s when I hired my first admin and soon after my first buyers agent.

And now 14 years later I have a kick-ass team of five agents and two support staff, I’ve got my life back and business is better than ever. We’re consistently in the top 1-2% of realtors with the Toronto Real Estate Board (did I mention the Toronto Real Estate Board has a whopping 56,000 members at last count? Yikes!).

As other agents saw my success, they started asking me for advice on how they could build a team like mine.

That’s what inspired me to create Teamality for female realtors ready to go to the next level in their business.

In my own business, I’ve created a high-performing, high-producing team that’s made millions and I’d love to help you do the same, without all of the costly trial and error.

The Plan


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Run your real estate team at A high level

Set the foundation to build your top-tier real estate team

I’ve been where you are. Before I started my team, I knew it was going to be a lot of work and I wasn’t sure I had what it took to lead and manage people for the first time.

My turning point was realizing that I couldn’t create the life and income I wanted for myself as a solo agent and that building a team was the only option.

Over the next decade, I built a wildly successful, client-centred real estate team that’s generated multiple 7-figures without sacrificing my personal life or sanity.

My experience motivated me to want to help other women build a business bigger than just themselves. That’s why I’ve created Teamality for female realtors ready to work less, make more and scale their business to new heights.

Program Details



Making the transition into a leadership role for the first time can be daunting. After all, leadership requires a very different set of skills to being a solo agent.

In Week 1, we’ll do a deep dive into the challenges you’ll likely face as a new leader and how to overcome them. 

You’ll also get the framework for leading a team with confidence, focus and an impactful vision.


The Art of

Most new leaders know they need to delegate. After all, taking things off your plate is likely your motivation for wanting to build a team in the first place.

Sure, there’s a few obvious things you can delegate (accounting tasks anyone?) but what about the other 90%?

Learn powerful tools around how, why and what to delegate avoid bottlenecks and set your team up to thrive


Finding, Hiring & Retaining Talent

Finding the right support staff and sales representatives for your team (and keeping them!) is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face.

Learn the best techniques to find and hire talent and how to keep them to avoid a never ending hiring roller coaster.

This module also includes powerful training on how to conduct a killer interview and how to onboard your new hires for success.



Without the right compensation structures for your new team, you could end up over compensating a new hire — eating away at your bottom line — or under compensating them, which could lead to resentment, dwindling performance and high turnover. 

Learn how to create rock solid compensation structures for maximum business growth and momentum.


Accountability & Feedback

“How do I get my team members to be more accountable?”

This is a question that team leaders often ask. After all, accountability impacts performance.

This week, you’ll learn how to foster an environment of accountability and how to deliver feedback so that your message and efforts will reshape behaviour in a positive, empowering way.


Conflict Resolution

One of the biggest challenges that teams face is conflict. After all, your team members will likely all have different values and beliefs.

As the leader, how you respond to conflict can propel or disrupt your team’s momentum.

This week you’ll get tools to resolve conflict, manage different personalities and develop trust so that your team can thrive.


Motivation & High Performance

Team members who are highly motivated are more engaged, which almost always leads to higher productivity and performance.

To create a high performing team, you have to understand how each team member is uniquely motivated and tap into that motivation by creating the conditions that allow them to thrive.

If you want to learn how to permanently increase your team’s motivation and performance, this module is for you.


Real Estate
Sales Metrics

What you focus on grows. Your ability to track and measure key performance indicators for your agents and your team is crucial for your financial success.

Having the right data empowers you to hold your team accountable to results that matter.

You’ll receive fully customizable KPI templates for real estate so that you can make better decisions faster and grow your bottom line.

What does Teamality include?

Live Weekly Training Sessions

These live training sessions will give you all of the information, tools and resources and you need to build a high-performing, producing team from the ground up. Get ready to start creating leverage and scalability in your real estate business!

($2900 value)

Live Weekly Group Coaching Calls

The support and clarity you’ll receive from our live weekly group coaching calls is off the charts. Get ready to learn at a high level with your tribe of ambitious, driven women of real estate. This is a great opportunity to get all your questions answered by me!

($2900 value)

Course Workbooks & Resource Materials

Taking what you learn and applying it is the key to success. That’s why every week you’ll receive customized workbooks and resource materials, to help facilitate what you’ve learned. You’ll also get access to recordings of all of our live sessions.

($1200 value)

Your Own Accountability Partner

You’ll be matched with your very own accountability partner during the program to discuss your weekly aha’s, goals and breakthroughs. Why? Because there’s no such thing as too much support! Accountability also helps you to fast track your results. How great is that!

($1750 value)

Private Facebook Online Community

Every member of Teamality will get access to a private Facebook group just for participants. Night or day, put any questions you have into the group and voila you’ll get an answer. The group’s also a great place to get support and feedback on anything and everything.

($875 value)


When you enrol in Teamality…

You’ll receive $9,625 in value for only…


You heard right! And there’s a payment plan, woot woot!

It’s available for you right here on this page but only for a limited time.

One payment of



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*Prices in CAD, exclusive of HST for Canadian residents

Do you want the VIP treatment?

Grab one of the three VIP spots available inside Teamality!

As a VIP, you get access to:

  • All 7 training sessions + the bonus week
  • The group coaching calls
  • The course workbooks & resource materials
  • The private FB community
  • PLUS private coaching support from me!

3 Private 60-minute Coaching Calls with Me
($3250 value)

8 weeks of unlimited Voxer support Monday-Friday ($2000 value)


Total VIP Value: $5250
Your Investment: $2250

Still have questions?

The next round of Teamality is scheduled to start in October 2021. Get on the waitlist now for updates!

Space is limited to 10 women. I interview every applicant in advance to make sure they’re a good fit.

Are you an ambitious go-getter who’s built a successful solo business and now you’re ready to scale? Are you dreaming of building an amazing team but have no idea where to start? Then yes, Teamality is exactly right for you!

You should be blocking a minimum of 4 hours per week to implement the strategies and do the module work.

For sure! Just keep in mind that it will take time to implement everything you’ve learned, so it’s best not wait too long. I also can’t guarantee the price will be the same for future programs.

A lot. I’ll be leading every weekly training session and group coaching call and you’ll get 24/5 support from me inside the private FB group. If you’re a VIP client you’ll also get three private coaching calls with me and unlimited support through Voxer.

I’m glad you asked! Just click the Join the Waitlist button to make sure you get all the updates. Once the next round is closer to launching, I’ll be in touch to schedule your Discovery Call. Yay!

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