Client Love

I recognized how badly I needed a coach when I watched Christine online one afternoon in the spring of 2020. Her discussion on the fundamental mindset shifts required to show up as a conscious leader in my life and business was exactly what I was looking for but didn’t even know it. It was an “Ah-ha!” moment for me. Her coaching has led to improved personal and business relationships and subsequently higher financial gains. Christine is a talented coach with superb listening skills. She is able to quickly drill down and customize a comprehensive approach based on an individual’s needs and goals.
Faith Goldman
Faith Goldman Real Estate

I chose Christine because I wanted to work with someone who not only understood the local challenges and landscape but who could also advise based on valuable first hand experience growing her own business/team. She excels at identifying opportunities for authentic growth for your mindset and in your business, has a wealth of knowledge around systems/efficiency and has a positivity that's contagious. Christine's passionate, solution oriented and results driven approach has had a positive impact on my business, how I approach challenges and my ability to grow.
Hillary Lane
Hillary Lane Real Estate

I decided to join Teamality because after 12 years of running my business and working 24/7, I was exhausted. I realized I’d been spending most of my time working in the business and not on it. Not only did that slow my business growth, but it also created a major imbalance in my personal life, which became even more apparent after having kids.

Christine’s program helped me to shift my mindset in a really impactful way and gave me the tools I needed to become a better leader for my team. She helped me look at the business as a business and not just moving from one transaction to the next. We also worked through every aspect of the business – what was working and what wasn’t – which was invaluable.

At the end of our 8 weeks together, I had the concrete, practical knowledge I needed to help my business and team reach its fullest potential and I also created much needed time for my family. Thank you so much Christine for showing me that it’s possible to create a great team and surround myself with amazing people. I look forward to continuing our work together!
April Williams
Partner, Williams Fulton Group

My husband and I are Toronto realtors that run a small real estate team. We needed help growing our team and we were in dire need of some coaching as we didn't know where to start. Christine came highly recommended and based on the first few initial conversations we had, she fit our vibe! It also helped that she currently runs a successful real estate team in Toronto, herself.

We are 4 months in and super happy that we hired her. She started off with mindset, which was different from other coaches we had spoken with, and such an important part of the picture. Without proper mindset, you can be given all the other tools, but truly never realize your full potential and lead a team properly. When we started with this component, we knew we hired the right person. We have had so many "aha"moments and it has completely changed our perspective on our business and even life!

Christine keeps us accountable in our "homework" tasks, and takes a genuine vested interest in our success. She is available anytime we have questions or need support through a situation, she doesn't just disappear until our next scheduled call, this is something so valuable and priceless.

She has given us many tools to start growing and training our team and we look forward to the rest of the year with her and seeing how our business grows.

I would not hesitate to hire her, we appreciate you Christine!
Aleks Oleksak
Amir + Aleks Realty Team

Christine has helped me discover a new work/life balance that has been incredibly positive for both my real estate business, as well as my personal health, both physical and mental. Her coaching has helped me identify my strengths, my challenges, and also helped me to address my short and long term goals on both ends. I would not hesitate to recommend Christine to anyone who is looking for guidance or just needing someone to help take them to the next steps of their business.
Andrea Florian
Florian Real Estate

I had heard great things about Christine Cowern through an associate, and when I decided I was going to start working with a real estate coach; I knew Christine would be the perfect coach to help me grow my business.

In two short months of working together so far, I have seen drastic improvements in how I am running my business, my productivity has increased, and I attribute the positive growth completely to Christine.

Christine is a consummate professional, a great coach, mentor, listener, and the list goes on and on. Christine is 100% vested in her clients’ success, and for anyone considering working with Christine; I have no doubt in my mind that it is an investment you’ll see returns on 10x.
Nicky Zeinis
Nicky Zeinis Real Estate

When I joined Teamality, I felt like my business was running me and not the other way around. I was frustrated and wanted to increase profits AND leverage my time and energy so that I could stop working 24/7. I also needed support in hiring the right people and setting them up for success. By the end of the program, I felt incredibly empowered and confident not only in my own abilities but in the potential of my team.

Christine has a wealth of knowledge and experience that makes her perspective and advice invaluable. She also has a calm confidence that makes you feel immediately comfortable. I was so happy with my results from the program that I’ve hired Christine to give me private coaching sessions for a full year. I’m so excited about where my business is going with Christine by my side!
Stacey Fulton
Partner, Williams Fulton Group

Calm, focused, driven and an incredible resource! Just a few words I would use to describe Christine's approach to coaching. If you're looking for a coaching match to help you grow your business model + to stay motivated, Christine is your person!
Suzanne Lewis
Lewis + Company

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