New Agent Accelerator™

A 6-week program to take your
new real estate business from

Zero to Six Figures

Get Clients. Close Deals. Get Paid.

You made it happen.

You’re a new realtor and you’re ready to take the world by storm. 

But you need to get your foot in the door with motivated clients so that the momentum will start building to create an amazing business.

You’ve invested in your real estate courses, taken brokerage training, and are posting on social media as much as you can. 

Friends and family know about your new career but so far you’re not making the income you really want.

Now that you’re in the field, you’re realizing how intense the competition is to thrive as a real estate agent.


Without the right real estate mentor you'll continue:

New Agent Accelerator™ will open the door to the real estate business you’ve always dreamed of by showing you how to:

I get it.

When I got started in real estate in 2007, I was scared to death.

Because I didn’t have any hands-on experience, I relied on the theory I was taught in school — a lot of which didn’t reflect what was actually happening in the real world of buying and selling properties.

I felt I was at a huge disadvantage, especially in a highly competitive industry like real estate where it seemed like literally everyone had their license and were all competing for the same clients.

Fast forward 14 years and I’m now the Managing Partner of a kick-ass, all-female real estate team that’s consistently in the top 1-2% of realtors with the Toronto Real Estate Board (did I mention the Toronto Real Estate Board has a whopping 56,000 members at last count? Yikes!).

In order to not only survive but thrive as a real estate agent, you need a competitive advantage.

I’ve helped dozens of agents go from zero to six figures, and I’d love to do the same for you.

How it Works

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Run An amazing BUSINESS

Learn the skills you need to become a 6-figure real estate agent.

The statistics are surprising.

The majority of agents only do between 1-6 transactions a year, many on the lower end of that range. 

By the time they’ve paid their brokerage and association fees, general business expenses (like their car, office supplies, etc) and taxes, that works out to around $20/hour, assuming they’re working 40 hours a week.

I was determined to change those odds for myself and I knew I couldn’t do it alone.

My turning point came when I decided to invest in coaching with leaders in real estate and business.

Over the next decade I built a wildly successful, client centred real estate business that’s generated multiple 7 figures without sacrificing my personal life or sanity.

My journey motivated me to want to help other women starting out in real estate so that they don’t have to suffer with the sacrifices and struggles I did. That is why I’ve created New Agent Accelerator™ for female realtors at the start of their career.

Program Details


Remove Your Blocks to Success

It’s only when your beliefs and behaviours are aligned with what you desire that you’ll truly become unstoppable.

In Week 1, we create a rock-solid foundation for your real estate business by focusing on the core mindset and habit shifts you need to make to become a 6-figure real estate badass.

We’ll also get you laser focused by creating powerful intentions and an impactful personal vision.


Attract Your Ideal Client

Hustling hard only to work with high maintenance clients is the last thing you want as you build your business.

Learn how to attract your ideal clients, how to niche for business success and how to feel incredibly confident about what you bring to the table.

Here’s where we define that unique X-factor that’s going to make you stand out..

 …and generate a lot of sales!


Real Estate
Sales Mastery

You’ve attracted your ideal client. Now you have to take them from a prospect to a signed client to a closed deal. 

Knowing what to say and how to say it to convert leads at the highest level (and how to sail through objections with ease) is an art and one that you’ll need to master to achieve 6-figure success.

In this module we’ll do a deep dive into all things lead conversion.


5 Star Client

Imagine if the level of service and value you offered to clients was so high that your phone didn’t stop ringing? 

If every new client referred their friends and family to you without hesitation? And if you didn’t have to survive on cold calling or door knocking to make amazing income?

This week we’ll focus on how to create a high-level client experience.

You’ll also learn how to build client relationships that generate lifelong repeat and referral business.



Social Media

Social media is one of most powerful ways to get real estate business, yet most agents don’t have an online presence that really stands out.   

In this module you’ll learn how to write  compelling copy that inspires leads to take action and how to get more free, organic traffic to your social media accounts and website.

You’ll also get a detailed social media audit and action plan to take your online presence to the next level.




Buyer & Seller Presentations

Getting to the consultation stage with a lead is only half the battle. You also have to wow them with your in person/online presentation. 

You’ll typically only have one shot to get their business so standing out in these crucial minutes is key.

To help you rise above the competition, this week you’ll receive professionally designed, fully customizable buyer and seller presentations.

You’ll also learn how to connect in the most authentic and powerful way during your presentation to turn your leads into loyal clients. 


Online Lead Generation

Online lead generation can help catapult your business if it’s done right, but it’s hard to master without the best tools. Knowing the right scripts and how to convert online leads at a high level will dramatically impact your results and help you see a much higher return on your investment. In this Bonus module we’ll do a deep dive into all things online lead related from initial conversation to follow up and appointment conversion.

What does New Agent Accelerator™ include?

Live Weekly Training Sessions

Designed to teach you everything you need to know about building a six-figure real estate business, these live training sessions are chock full of so much value they’ll leave you feeling fully equipped to take your business to an all new level.

($1750 value)

Live Weekly Group Coaching Calls

This program isn’t only about training and course work. It’s also about weekly support, accountability and the breakthroughs that come from being in a container with a group of ambitious, badass ladies such as yourself, led by me!

($1750 value)

Course Workbooks & Resource Materials

The real magic happens when you take what you learn and apply it to you and your real estate business. Each week comes with course workbooks and resource materials plus recordings of our weekly training sessions and group coaching calls for you to replay at your convenience during the program.

($500 value)

Private Facebook Online Community

I know that you’ll likely have questions outside of our training and coaching time. That’s why I’ve created a private FB online community that’s exclusive to New Agent Accelerator™ participants. Just put your questions into the FB group and you’ll get an answer from me. You can also use the group to get feedback and support!

($750 value)

When you enrol in New Agent Accelerator™…

You’ll receive $4,750 in value for only…


That’s right! And not only that, there’s a payment plan.

And it’s only available for a limited time right here on this page.

One payment of



Two payments of


*Prices are in USD

If you do one lease deal as a result of taking this program, you’ve already doubled your investment. Those sound like great odds to me.

Do you want the VIP treatment?

There are three VIP spots available inside of New Agent Accelerator™ — grab yours now!

As a VIP, you get access to all of the training sessions, group coaching calls, course workbooks & resource materials and the Facebook group PLUS private coaching support from yours truly!

3 Private 60-minute Coaching Calls with Me
($1500 value)

6 weeks of unlimited private Voxer support with me Monday-Friday for all your business questions ($750 value)

Total VIP Value (Program + VIP): $7,000

Your Investment: $1,500*

*Prices are in USD

Still have questions?

My goal is to keep the program small so you everyone receives high value. That’s why each program has no more than 10 participants maximum.

If you’re a realtor in your first year of business and you want the fast track to make crazy money within 12 months then yes…this is exactly for you!

The next launch date will be released soon!

It will vary, but you should expect to spend a minimum of 4 hours per week implementing the strategies and doing the module work.

You definitely can, but I only run the program a few times a year and you want to start making money now, am I right?

A lot. I’ll be leading every weekly training session and group coaching call and you’ll get 24/5 support from me inside the private FB group. If you’re a VIP client you’ll also get three private coaching calls with me and unlimited support through Voxer.

I’m glad you asked! Just click the Apply for a Spot button, fill out an application and I’ll be in touch to schedule your Discovery Call. Yay!